My studio

 Having visited an art studio of painter it is often possible to make a conclusion about his painting. If in studio  All is accurate, pure , all is correct, pedantic, and in painting all is most probably  very good!. That is the remarkable, verified compositions, all is considered, all is weighed, thought over-is changed the mind-is far-fetched, correct coloristic scales, that is pleasant to the majority of "fans" of painting. But there are people whom are sick of  this boredom, and they like creative painting. The sure sign of creative painting is constant search and change of style, a manner and techniques of the painting in oils. Also to creativity process dispassionateness of the artist from surrounding conditions. If the artist spends precious time for "order" prompting in a studio, watches the clothes etc.,  it will not have not enough time (and the energy) for process of creativity. Conditions of an art studio of Sergey Fedotov promote active, creative work, nothing distracts and does not disturb.


As Sergey Fedotov's painting is original, so the signature of the artists also is specific. It represents the transformation of letters S and F, that are the initials of the artist. The signature is built organically in a picturesque surface of pictures. Usually there are two signatures, but sometimes exists more signatures. More often the first signature settles down more close to the left lower corner of a picture, and the second – near to the right lower corner. But sometimes the composition forces to do them more close to the middle of picture.  Color and tone of signatures also are important ordinary "left" signature ( that in the left corner) is “colder”, than "right" one. Direction and a bend of signature  element  which correct a direction of movement of the sight looking at a picture are extremely important. Therefore inspection of signatures of the artist has separate aesthetic pleasure.


It is not less interesting to consider painting not only from apart, but also examine closely. Usually, at "face to face" with a picture  full disappointment waits for us    `. The smoothed down, licked academic painting or "the poor" texture of the big painted surfaces «a la Matisse» has bothered already. But if painting is expressional, multilayered, temperamental, executed on emotions with search, alterations, subquality work – then it is another story. It is huge pleasure to examine such surface. When the aesthetic pleasure can be received not only from integrity of a picture, but also from separate fragments then this painting does not become boring and does not bother. Look at a short distance at pictures of artist Sergey Fedotov and draw the conclusion: whether "the dry", "stirred up", "student's", diligent, correct painting is pleasant to you, or freedom and an expression is closer to you. Fragments of pictures and painting fragments are individual and recognised, the abstract composition turns out.

Pictures in interior

As the conclusion that the interior without a picture "is empty" for a long time already has been drawn, not finished and simply looks poorly. In such cases "rich", in marble space with five-metre ceilings, without subjects of the fine arts I name an outer entrance hall. And a shade in which there are pictures, more likely, a museum. But it provided that the picture corresponds to the given premise, instead of is a craft hand-made article or a cheap poster. Today sometimes on a wall hang up also the things which do an interior even more poor. It is better not to hang up anything. However, if pictures for an interior are selected for the size, to color, and have picturesque value, it can cardinally improve aura of a premise (or as financiers speak «to augment the capitalization»). Having looked at an interior decorated with pictures of artist Sergey Fedotov, you can draw the conclusion. Also there is a possibility to take a lease of painting, having got gradually used to them, probably, you will want to get a picture.