On the big area (more than 1000 м2): in vestibules and halls of a known Moscow inhabited complex «Gold keys-2» and «Valentine Ryabov's Gallery», (that is in the Minsk street in Moscow) are exposed painting works of artist Sergey Fedotov. Expressional, figurative and abstract pictures of the painter were exclusively harmoniously entered in rich interiors. It is a merit of delicate taste of  gallery owner Valentine Ryabov and workers of gallery led by Sergey Michulaev, executed the pictures selection and design of interior.

The photos shown further give only small representation about an exposition. Therefore all interested persons are invited to look, as really the pictures of the artist Sergey Fedotov decorate the interior. Especially it will be interesting to the designers, engaged in decoration of elite premises, and also to amateurs of painting and those who wishes to join the fine arts. The information, address and rules of visiting of an exposition on