As the conclusion that the interior without a picture "is empty" for a long time already has been drawn, not finished and simply looks poorly. In such cases "rich", in marble space with five-metre ceilings, without subjects of the fine arts I name an outer entrance hall. And a shade in which there are pictures, more likely, a museum. But it provided that the picture corresponds to the given premise, instead of is a craft hand-made article or a cheap poster. Today sometimes on a wall hang up also the things which do an interior even more poor. It is better not to hang up anything. However, if pictures for an interior are selected for the size, to color, and have picturesque value, it can cardinally improve aura of a premise (or as financiers speak «to augment the capitalization»). Having looked at an interior decorated with pictures of artist Sergey Fedotov, you can draw the conclusion. Also there is a possibility to take a lease of painting, having got gradually used to them, probably, you will want to get a picture.