It is not less interesting to consider painting not only from apart, but also examine closely. Usually, at "face to face" with a picture  full disappointment waits for us    `. The smoothed down, licked academic painting or "the poor" texture of the big painted surfaces «a la Matisse» has bothered already. But if painting is expressional, multilayered, temperamental, executed on emotions with search, alterations, subquality work – then it is another story. It is huge pleasure to examine such surface. When the aesthetic pleasure can be received not only from integrity of a picture, but also from separate fragments then this painting does not become boring and does not bother. Look at a short distance at pictures of artist Sergey Fedotov and draw the conclusion: whether "the dry", "stirred up", "student's", diligent, correct painting is pleasant to you, or freedom and an expression is closer to you. Fragments of pictures and painting fragments are individual and recognised, the abstract composition turns out.