Personal exhibition in Central House of Artists (December, January, Moscow)

Artist Sergei Fedotov.


Introducing the court demanding the viewer a project, GALLERY Valentine Ryabov seeks primarily to ensure that the show masters, whose name defines today's face of contemporary art.

Sergei Fedotov, whose first solo exhibition was held in 2005, can now be counted among the most outstanding representative of contemporary non-objective abstract art. His creative style, with all the characteristic features of abstract painting, however, turns, and individual and recognizable. With all the meaningfulness and conceptual art Fedotova is striking in its expression and magnitude.

The seeming pointlessness of his works side by side with deep philosophy, the unbridled violence of paints, the fragility of the image, the breadth of the stroke, and impulsivity - with original sketches. Striking performance artist. In the less than 6 years have created more than 1000 zhivopisnyh paintings which were exhibited in different parts of the globe. And invariably the exhibition of paintings by Sergei FEDOTOVA had a huge success.

For ethical reasons we do not publish a very extensive list of collectors and admirers of the artist's work, which have in their collections of paintings of Sergei Fedotov.GALLERY Valentine Ryabov, presenting an exhibition of new works by the artist, has no doubt that it will draw attention, both professionals and fans of abstract and traditional paintings and finds a ready response from themselves sdoev broad audience.

The art SHEET

Abstract (Latin abstractio - removal, diversion) - nefiguralnoe non-figurative art - a form of expressive activity, were not intended to mock or show visually perceived reality. The abstract paintings, drawings, sculpture exclusive association with recognizable objects.

The origins of abstract painting and the time of the first abstract painting is not installed. It can be confidently say that between 1910 and 1915 godami many European artists have tried themselves into irrelevance, nefiguralnyh compositions (in painting, drawing, sculpture). Among them: R. Delaunay, MF Larionov, F. Picabia, F. Kushka, P. Klee, F. Mark, AG Jawlensky, U. Bochioni, F. Marinetti, and dob The most original and famous - VV Kandinsky, P. Mondrian, KS Malevich.

Since the middle of XIX century. Painting, drawing, sculpture, turning to what is available, the immediate image. All the more interesting unfolding search for new expressive means, how to style, enhanced expression, universal characters, compressed plastic formulas. On the one hand, it is directed to show man's inner world - his emotional and psychological states, with another - to update the vision of the objective world. In 1900-ies the opening - at the beginning in Spain and then France, the primitive and a little later the traditional ( "primitive") strongly changes the art of the importance of conventional forms of art.

Features color, open the French Impressionists, with the release of painting into abstraction have been deployed more widely.

Painting - a process of open world of opportunities - stopped moments, a phenomenon sought-after images of adventure, confrontation, reflection, exemption from redundancy, fill failure, it is an act of self-affirmation and a direct projection of intuition, demonstration of skill and ability to open. It is especially known by those who were fortunate to entering the world of abstract art, free to pursue this opportunity.

Abstract art - the most accessible and noble way to capture private life, and in a form similar facsimile reprint. At the same time it is a direct realization of freedom.

Art critic Valentin Ryabov